Okay, just wondering…everyone is hyped on Keto or plant based diets. Sounds good, right? Everything grown from the ground. No animal fat. No carbs unless they are from crushed cauliflower. Yeah, and how good does that cauliflower pizza crust you’re eating right now taste?

I have followed the advice: forego rice and use riced cauliflower instead. (Yuck!) Try some plant based sausage patties (Puking!). Fro-Turkey? (Not even going there.)

Well, okay, there are the Impossible Burgers. Been told they taste like the real thing. (Yeah, so does camel dung!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love vegies. Every type from A-Z.

But, I like bread, too. Waffles, pancakes, french toast. No more size ten’s for me.

“They” say I should forego wine. Why? So I can ingest Diet Coke which will happily make a car engine rot in three years? No thanks.

Wine clears our arteries. It makes us mellow. Mellow enough so we don’t throw dinner plates at our significant others!

I don’t want anything pretending to be something else in my diet. Not plant based burgers, or bacon or chicken nuggets.

I want the real thing! In moderation of course, because I want to stay in MY healthy zone.


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Donna Lattanzio, Author