People will often suggest that if I dyed my silvery white hair to a darker shade, I could easily look five years younger. Perhaps they’re right. I’ve always wanted to be a blonde. But, having silvery white hair does have its perks.

I save about $200 bucks every six weeks avoiding the colorist. Younger people tend to feel obligated to help load my bags of groceries into the car and, some offer to walk the cart back into the store–SWEET PERK. Doors are held open longer for me so I needn’t rush to avoid having them slam in my face.

At our local casino, most people graciously refrain from smoking at the tables where I play–BIG PERK!

Now, trying to haul down heavy two-liter bottles of Diet Coke from upper wire shelves (which leads me to wonder which yahoo decided it was a smart idea to place such heavy bottles so out of reach) will bring a bevy of tall people to my rescue. NEEDED PERK.

It’s also refreshing when younger people–often born of different cultures–greet me as “Mama” which is a term of respect in their native countries. I find it most endearing.

But let’s be clear here. I can and will chase down and wrestle to the ground anyone, of any age, who tries to run off with my purse.

Until next time, when a martini and a good book meet.

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Donna Lattanzio, Author