Weight or Wait?

I wonder if anyone else has pondered this subject: during the Covid-era, why were wine and potato chips not included as part of the basic food groups? After all, liquor stores were considered “essential businesses” and wine is made from grapes. So, shouldn’t wine be listed under the all-important “get your 5-7 servings a day” of the fruit and veggie categories?

And potato chips? Well, it’s utterly ridiculous that they are missing from the carb platform of the food pyramid. Potato chips are made from potatoes, duh. And, with so many healthy versions of those munchy, crunchy snacks: Lightly Salted, Baked, 40% Fat Free (my personal favorite), well, they belong right there along with potatoes and bread.

Now, it is true that plenty of folks gained weight during the lockdown. It’s rumored that some people gained five pounds. Some may have gained ten pounds. My doctor says the average weight gain is thirteen pounds, similar to the weight gain of college freshmen.

But, I didn’t go to college, so what should I label my weight gain?


“Chronic Chardonnay Syndrome?”

“Acute Facebookagoria?”

Well, I guess it’s time to dust off the old treadmill, if it still works. Or, should I just wait until this entire Covid thing is over?

Until next time, when a martini and a good book meet.

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Donna Lattanzio, Author